A Simple Guide to Measuring the Product-Market Fit of Your Product or Feature

It’s amazing that there is a huge amount of discussion on the importance of hitting product market fit for what you are building. Interestingly, there isn’t as much about how to measure when you actually have product market fit for what you have built.

The reason that’s the case, is because partially it’s a question that you shouldn’t have to ask:

“If you have to ask whether you have Product/Market Fit, the answer is simple: you don’t.” – Eric Ries

And I can see where …

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Mastering Organic Efficiency: What Startups Can Learn From Nature

In a forest, there is absolutely no waste. Every single element is reused in a continuous cycle. A tree produces leaves. The leaves fall to the ground and become compost. And the forest uses every last ounce of the compost and puts it back into its ecosystem.

We have the exact same idea for Buffer’s organizational design as we move towards a self-managing company. Without any processes, save 4 essential ones, there is little to no occurrence of waste.

As an example, we …

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The Habits of Successful People: Let Your Dream Grow Alongside Your Journey

In my recent travels around Asia, I’ve had the great opportunity to meet a lot of local founders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A few themes that seemed to come up many times are questions like “What triggered you to become passionate about company culture and transparency?” or “How did you know you wanted to build Buffer to what it is today?”

One of the most memorable moments for me was talking to a super smart lady who is having a lot of success at a …

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José Gilgado Has Joined the Buffer Team!

I’m delighted to share that José Gilgado joined the Buffer team in December.

José joins us from Madrid, Spain and helps out the team with a focus on backend development.

José learned how to code when studying computer science in school and even cofounded a small web studio while in school.

José was recently in charge of supporting push notifications to mobile clients, and we’re excited to have his experience to help support our Android and iOS apps.

Here’s a cool story that Sunil shared with …

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Inside The Buffer Retreat: How and Why We Spent $111,874 Meeting Face to Face

Travel is embedded pretty deeply into Buffer’s values—so much so that our entire remote team meets up every 5 months at various spots around the world.

Our Buffer retreats are special times for our remote, distributed team to connect in person with one another, with our Buffer audience and with the community of our host city.

Traveling to different locations each time also gives us a great new perspective on gratitude and the extreme privilege we have to be able to work and …

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We Changed Buffer’s Value of Happiness & Positivity by 1 Word: Here is Why

Just minutes ago, I went ahead and published a new version of Buffer’s culture-deck on Slideshare. It contains a tiny change that I and many on the Buffer team deemed a very important one.

Here is the slide that changed before:


and after:

The essential change, as you can see, is the removal of the word “always,” which many of us felt made things slightly dogmatic and too one-sided.

We’ve also changed the words “never” to something less one-sided, to be a better reflection of …

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The Power of Transcending Instead of Attacking

There’s something special about Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It makes me happy every time I read it on social media or elsewhere.

What it implies for me, is that if you change yourself, and only yourself, you have the best chance of changing things around you too. This is a very non-violent and conflict-free approach.

I believe this also extends to organizations as much as individuals. It’s something we try to apply at Buffer.

One of Buffer’s …

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Buffer in January: Transparent Feedback, $5.3M Annual Revenue and 30 Teammates

In January at Buffer, we grew the team, made big progress on upcoming new features, launched a new Transparency Dashboard, and started sharing feedback transparently amongst the team.

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

The latest Buffer metrics

2,090,805 total registered users (+4.4%)
183,638 monthly active users (+9.0%)
44,790 average daily active users (+10.8%)
$441,108 monthly recurring revenue (+4.6%)
$5.29m annual revenue run-rate (+4.6%)
$2,084,935 cash in bank
30 team members across the world
23 cities, 11 countries, 6 continents (here’s where team members are)

We’ve seen a great pace …

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Thomas Dunn Has Joined the Buffer Team!

I’m so excited to share that Thomas Dunn joined the Buffer team in December.

Tom joins us from Bristol in the UK, with a focus on customer development and UX research.

He has a really neat story before finding us at Buffer. Tom was in a rock band after high school and also started and managed his own company. He did full-time social media freelance work while he finished his degree. Wow!

Here’s how Leo described Thomas as he introduced him to all of us …

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10 Weird Ways to Be Happy Today, Backed by Science

We never get tired of thinking about happiness, do we? Life is so much nicer when you’re able to couple it with joy and gratitude.

We’ve published posts before about simple ways to be happy and retraining your brain for more gratitude, and Buffer’s CEO Joel has even shared his own daily to-do list for happiness. (There’s also our popular list of things to stop doing to be happier.)

Meanwhile, science continues to study happiness, finding ever more specific and idiosyncratic ways we …

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