7 Simple Ways to To Be More Inclusive in Work and Life

I believe in the power of women to build inspiring careers in all types of fields.

At least, that’s what I thought I believed. It’s what my conscious mind thinks, at least.

My unconscious mind, however, favors traditional Western gender roles: men focusing on careers while women focus on family.

I learned about this dichotomy from taking an implicit association test, a social psychology test designed to measure a person’s unconscious or automatic associations between types of people and specific concepts or ideas.

And I’m not alone: The results of more …

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Helping Your Whole Team Share Your Content on Social Media: Buffer for Teams

The short history of how social media developed is still nothing short of incredible. When Facebook started in 2004, strictly for colleges, and Twitter in 2006, mostly for techies in the Bay Area, it was all about individuals connecting with each other.

About a decade later, a lot of that has shifted. While the personal use case is obviously still very strong, the influence of brands is fascinating. We’re now talking with big brands like Nike or Coke on Twitter or …

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Top Tips, Tools and Tricks for Remote Work

Rodolphe Dutel, Buffer team member and founder of Remotive, recently joined us to discuss remote working.

Rodolphe has spent many months traveling and working from all corners of the globe and has even sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. He brought many of his lessons learned, tools of the trade and general advice to #bufferchat!

Catch all the great tweets from the chat here, or read on for the highlights:

How do you define “remote working?”

From Rodolphe:

Remote working is the ability to work from anywhere, …

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I’m Getting 5% of My $96K Salary Paid in Bitcoin: Here’s How and Why

I discovered bitcoin in early 2011. At first it was something that felt like play money and almost surreal. I didn’t fully understand all the details back then, but a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency was just too crazy and I became intrigued.

Over the years I started diving deeper and deeper into bitcoin. Along the way, the true power of it really jumped out at me:

I ended up doing some freelance bitcoin development just before I joined Buffer. It’s often a …

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Why We Removed the Word ‘Hacker’ From Buffer Job Descriptions

Not too very long ago, developers at Buffer were called “hackers.”

We had front-end hackers, back-end hackers, Android hackers, iOS hackers, traction hackers.

We started using the word “hacker”in Buffer’s early days because—at the time—it felt like the most inclusive way to describe the work developers were doing. I asked our CTO Sunil to describe what the word meant to him:

“I think the original reason why we liked that word was because hackers are just people who get things to work well and …

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Buffer in February: Fifth Team Retreat, New Mini-Product and Buffer.com

February at Buffer saw our biggest team retreat yet, the launch of a new mini-product and some big news about buffer.com. Here is the latest:

The latest Buffer metrics

2,171,877 total registered users (+3.9%)
189,216 monthly active users (+3.0%)
47,937 average daily active users (+7.0%)
$462,236 monthly recurring revenue (+4.8%)
$5.55m annual revenue run-rate (+4.8%)
$1,827,750 cash in bank
29 team members across the world
22 cities, 11 countries, 6 continents

It’s awesome to see the revenue continue to grow at a solid pace here, making us very much profitable …

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Eric Khun Has Joined the Buffer Team!

I’m so excited to share that Eric Khun has joined the Buffer team!

Eric joins us from Beijing, and his focus is on back-end development.

Eric was raised in France and fell in love with China when he went to Beijing for a year of school.

He’s been there for 3 years now, and has even worked on an Android app called PartyBeijing, which allows foreigners to find top event venues in Beijing and communicate with taxi drivers more easily by offering easy Chinese pronunciation guides. He has …

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We acquired Buffer.com: Here is how and why we did it

Disclaimer: It is only through the kind collaboration with the previous owner of buffer.com that we were able to now be the new owners, and a key interest for them was to stay anonymous and not to draw any attention to them in this announcement, which we are very keen to honor. So we have redacted all names and replaced them with “Bob” for the individual and “Company corp.” for the company name.

In similar interest to protect their privacy, the …

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A Simple Guide to Measuring the Product-Market Fit of Your Product or Feature

It’s amazing that there is a huge amount of discussion on the importance of hitting product market fit for what you are building. Interestingly, there isn’t as much about how to measure when you actually have product market fit for what you have built.

The reason that’s the case, is because partially it’s a question that you shouldn’t have to ask:

“If you have to ask whether you have Product/Market Fit, the answer is simple: you don’t.” – Eric Ries

And I can see where …

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Mastering Organic Efficiency: What Startups Can Learn From Nature

In a forest, there is absolutely no waste. Every single element is reused in a continuous cycle. A tree produces leaves. The leaves fall to the ground and become compost. And the forest uses every last ounce of the compost and puts it back into its ecosystem.

We have the exact same idea for Buffer’s organizational design as we move towards a self-managing company. Without any processes, save 4 essential ones, there is little to no occurrence of waste.

As an example, we …

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