Tame Your E-mail: 7 Gmail Tips I Learned While Working at Google

My first day at Google in 2011 felt a bit like joining Hogwarts: you’re excited and not entirely sure what you’ll be doing!

I was happy to do anything and learn in the process! For the next two years, I was lucky enough to train Google employees on Gmail and to pitch Gmail to companies of all sizes.

Although I’m no longer affiliated with Google—I now work here at Buffer and on Remotive.io—I still use these 7 Gmail tips that have a …

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The 4 Customer Development Questions I Use To Make Buffer Better

We’re always working to make Buffer better—whether it’s through big new features like Buffer for Video or smaller changes to existing features.

Our customer development process is so important no matter the size of the change. In this post, I would love to share an improvement that we made to the Feeds feature in Buffer and how it happened based directly on feedback from you, our awesome customers.

Digging into our Feeds feature

We recently made an exciting move towards more structure at Buffer and assembled …

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Buffer Investors’ Report: $6.86M ARR, Sixth Retreat, New ‘Areas’ Structure

At the start of July, we had our 6th team retreat! Despite the substantial cost of this and growing the team faster than ever, we are still profitable and the bank balance has gone up since last month.

We are very happy with this slack we have and the health of the business, and at the same time we would like to grow the team faster and continue filling validated roles.

I’m excited to share the latest update of everything going on at …

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When We Took Transparency Too Far: The Transparent Feedback Experiment

Sometimes people ask us: “Do you think there are any downsides of being so transparent in the way that Buffer is?”

Usually, I can only think of the amazing things that have happened to us through being transparent and open.

Recently, however, there was one learning that taught us that transparency isn’t a blanket solution for absolutely everything.

For a few months we experimented with completely transparent feedback—even for those things that might be potentially difficult to hear or say, as long as …

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11 New Teammates, 13 Open Roles: Hiring at Buffer in July 2015

In June, we brought back the hiring report after a long absence.

Throughout the summer, we’ve been working on growing the team. Today we have 13 open positions to fill!

Now let’s look into a little more detail into what happened at Buffer in July.

New teammates in July

Last month, 11 amazing people accepted our offer to join the Buffer journey. :) Some of those new team members will be joining us in August and beyond.

In July we welcomed Philippe (Front-End), Marc Anthony (Product) …

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Finding Out the “Whys”: How We Do Customer Development at Buffer

In Buffer’s early days, the Lean Startup approach had a big influence on how Buffer took off. Joel blogged about this in 2011:

“I reached something that would be truly valuable for people. It also taught me the value of customer development: to take advantage of those emails coming in by asking people questions.”

Much of this mentality is reflected in the Buffer values today! Here is another illustration from Joel sharing his thoughts on how product management works with customer development:

“After …

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What We Got Wrong About Self-Management: Embracing Natural Hierarchy at Work

When Buffer first moved to a self-management model, we moved to a completely flat structure.

We just let loose and the message was “everyone go figure out what you want to do and work on, without too much guidance or leadership.” We talked about some of those challenges recently here.

In short, to describe what “flattening” an organization means exactly, here is what we did:

Removed all managers that would help decide what someone would work on
Stopped all 1:1’s and mentorship sessions to …

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2.5 Years, 5 Countries: The Evolution of the Buffer Team Retreat

We’re a fully remote team at Buffer, so we’re used to connecting with one another via video, chat, and other collaborative tools.

Working this way is a lot of fun—and it means the times we get to spend together, all in the same place, are extra special.

The Buffer team just finished up our 6th retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland—an amazing experience (you can see tons of photos here).

Not only did the retreat give us a full week to work (and play) together …

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5 Tricks for More Productive Remote Work

In 2014, I became a full time remote worker.

This year, I’ve been lucky to work and travel in Paris, Malaga, Copenhagen, Casablanca, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Barcelona…

There’s one question that’s always in the back on my mind: How can I be as productive as possible remotely?

I’ve tried many different experiments to do more in less time this year, and I thought I would share 5 tricks (and their accompanying tools) that have become part of my routine.

5 Methods for More …

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The ‘No Complaining’ Rule: What it Really Means to Create a Company Culture of Positivity

Recently Joel and I were talking about the new Jawbone UP3. I had just gotten one for free as part of Buffer’s perks program, and I complained that I found the closing buckle a bit fiddly and let off some steam about how I struggled to charge it.

At the end I remember saying something like “Oh, but it’s cool that I know my resting heart rate now, though.”

It’s kind of ironic how much I focused on the small challenges and …

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