2.5 Years, 5 Countries: The Evolution of the Buffer Team Retreat

We’re a fully remote team at Buffer, so we’re used to connecting with one another via video, chat, and other collaborative tools.

Working this way is a lot of fun—and it means the times we get to spend together, all in the same place, are extra special.

The Buffer team just finished up our 6th retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland—an amazing experience (you can see tons of photos here).

Not only did the retreat give us a full week to work (and play) together …

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5 Tricks for More Productive Remote Work

In 2014, I became a full time remote worker.

This year, I’ve been lucky to work and travel in Paris, Malaga, Copenhagen, Casablanca, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Barcelona…

There’s one question that’s always in the back on my mind: How can I be as productive as possible remotely?

I’ve tried many different experiments to do more in less time this year, and I thought I would share 5 tricks (and their accompanying tools) that have become part of my routine.

5 Methods for More …

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The ‘No Complaining’ Rule: What it Really Means to Create a Company Culture of Positivity

Recently Joel and I were talking about the new Jawbone UP3. I had just gotten one for free as part of Buffer’s perks program, and I complained that I found the closing buckle a bit fiddly and let off some steam about how I struggled to charge it.

At the end I remember saying something like “Oh, but it’s cool that I know my resting heart rate now, though.”

It’s kind of ironic how much I focused on the small challenges and …

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Hiring at Buffer in June 2015

We’re bringing back the hiring report!

The last time we reported on hiring was April 2014. Back then—15 months ago—Buffer had 20 team members.

Fast forwarding more than a year later, the team now has 34 full-time team members and three new teammates who will be starting their Buffer bootcamp shortly.

New team members

Just this last month, Danny and Kat both graduated from Buffer’s bootcamp and have accepted to join us full time, hooray!

In June, we also made four offers to candidates to …

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Buffer in June 2015: Fastest-Ever Team Growth, $6.6M ARR

We’re officially halfway through the year. Very excited to share the latest update for Buffer:

Key metrics

2,511,292 total registered users (+3.2%)
206,464 monthly active users (+1.5%)
52,229 average daily active users (+6.2%)
$550,529 monthly recurring revenue (+3.4%)
$6.61m annual recurring revenue (+3.4%)
$2,578,881 cash in bank
34 team members across the world
25 cities, 10 countries, 4 continents

Here’s a graph of our MRR growth over the last 3.5 years:

The change in trajectory around October 2013 is most likely attributable to us launching Buffer for Business.

This is exciting as …

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Kat Zien Has Joined Buffer As a Back-End Developer

I have some great news: We’re welcoming Kat Zien to the Buffer team as a back-end developer.

Kat is based in Bristol and has been helping out with all things engineering, including some cool stuff with oAuth and retweet with comment (coming soon!).

Here’s how she described her bootcamp experience:

“I love the team and how helpful and friendly and positive everyone is! It makes me smile a lot throughout the day :) I wish I could spend all day reading the Open blog and so many personal blogs …

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Building a More Inclusive Startup: Introducing the Diversity Dashboard

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

This well-known quote is often applied to business situations like marketing or product creation.

But the basic truth is applicable to almost any situation: When we really want to focus on something, we pay close attention. We want details that can help us make good decisions.

And at Buffer, we want the details that can help us grow as an inclusive and diverse team.

We’re at 34 people right now, and we’re growing faster than we ever have before. Buffer is hiring for 10 positions …

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Why Not to Outsource your Startup (Even If You Can’t Code)

One of my favorite things to do is to help others who are at an earlier stage of the startup journey. I had a lot of false starts before Buffer. I enjoy sharing my lessons from those failed attempts, and I also enjoy getting my mind back into those early days challenges, now that Buffer is almost 5 years old.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had 5 sessions (typically around 30 minutes, in person or via Hangouts) where I’ve tried to …

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Buffer in May: $6.4M ARR, Product Advancements and Self-Management Work

In May, we continued our strong revenue growth, and we’re also growing the team faster than ever before.

Here are the latest insights and numbers about Buffer:

Current Buffer metrics

2,432,382 total registered users (+3.4%)
203,449 monthly active users (+1.7%)
49,202 average daily active users (-1.1%)
$532,350 monthly recurring revenue (+4.6%)
$6.39m annual recurring revenue (+4.6%)
$2,267,067 cash in bank
34 team members across the world
25 cities, 10 countries, 4 continents

In terms of our active user numbers, we’ve started a large focus on this and also on churn in the last few weeks.

Team: Hiring for 10 positions

32 fully on-board team members
1 new person has finished bootcamp and fully joined the team: Jim, Product Creator.
2 people are currently …

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Changes to Buffer for Facebook: Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting early this week you may have noticed some changes around how posting to Facebook works through Buffer. We could’ve been a whole lot more mindful around this and are so sorry for the confusion we’ve caused. Today I wanted to briefly give an update around these changes and create a place where we can keep you posted with any updates.

A little background

Earlier this week we were notified by the folks over at Facebook that a few flows within Buffer around how we …

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