Blending Work and Life: What Remote Work Looks Like For Families and Partners

Having the ability to work from anywhere in the world has led to lots of travel adventures for members of the Buffer team.

Niel toured Asia while working remotely. Rodolphe sailed across the Atlantic. Joel recently toured 11 cities in 3 months, and Octa is on a month-long cruise (with wifi!) as I write this.

And the beauty of a remote team spread around the world where you make your own schedule is that you don’t even have to travel the world to …

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Why We Prioritize Hiring People Who Use Our Product

When we wrote previously about how we hire at Buffer, one key component was that everyone we hire have a consistent usage of and experience with the Buffer product.

That’s still the case today. We conclude that if someone has at least used the product for 2-3 months consistently, then they have gotten value out of Buffer and are likely to keep using it.

There are often wonderful candidates with amazing skills and great cultural alignment who are interested in joining us. As soon …

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Meaningful Work For Everyone: The 3 Conditions That Lead To Your Best Work

In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell provides a unique blueprint to understanding the success of such monolithic figures as the Beatles and Bill Gates.

In one section, Gladwell illustrates the life of a Jewish immigrant family who came to New York after fleeing the Nazis in Europe. Despite such difficult circumstances, they found tremendous hope and meaning in starting a garment business together:

“When Borgenicht came home at night to his children, he may have been tired, but he was his own boss. He …

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Buffer in April: $6M ARR, Buffer for Pinterest, Continued Growth

April was a fun month for the Buffer team, with Buffer for Pinterest being a key big task and milestone for us as a company. Here are the latest numbers:

Buffer metrics in April

2,351,405 total registered users (+3.6%)
200,125 monthly active users (-3.3%)
49,728 average daily active users (-1.6%)
$509,161 monthly recurring revenue (+4.0%)
$6.11M annual recurring revenue (+4.0%)
$2,165,528 cash in bank
32 team members across the world
23 cities, 9 countries, 4 continents

The big news in terms of metrics this month is that we crossed $6m ARR! We’re …

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My Dale Carnegie Experiments: Putting ‘How to Win Friends’ Into Action

Like millions before me I read How to Win Friends and Influence People and was blown away by the power of this book. I can’t believe that I hadn’t read it until recently and feel like I have wasted some precious opportunities to optimize certain situations in life.

Some of the stories in the book were so incredible that they seemed almost too good to be true.  I finished the book with two questions:

Will this work for me?
How can I optimize my life …

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What I Learned Doing Customer Support Exclusively For a Week

When I joined Buffer a few months ago, I figured my best chance to add value to the team would be to use my background in statistics, data and growth.

But I recently had the opportunity to drop what I was working on and spend one of the final weeks of my Buffer boot camp solely on customer support for an entire week. It wasn’t a mandatory assignment; more a proposed journey to a different side of the company that could give me a new perspective …

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Rethinking Ambition: Why Less of it May be a Good Thing

A few days ago, I was in bed, getting ready to fall asleep. Often when I’m lying in bed, I listen to a talk by Thich Nhat Hanh on SoundCloud. I find his voice and insights very soothing and it helps me calm my thoughts down and go to sleep gently.

That night again, I was listening to one of his talks called “The 4 Qualities of Happiness.” It started off with a great intro and ideas around how to live a happy …

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Inside Buffer’s Community Delight Headquarters: How and Why We Send Swag and What It All Costs

Our customers are the true heart of all we do here at Buffer — and we want to make sure the community knows it. We work on this in lots of ways—from striving for excellent customer support to hosting meetups to sending hand-written notes, swag and special gifts.

From the very beginnings of Buffer, our founder and co-founder, Joel and Leo, sent hand-written thank-you cards and stickers to customers. They recognized the value of one-on-one relationships and how going an extra …

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The Transparency Movement: What It Is, Why It’s Important And How to Get Involved

For most business owners, the thought of telling the world all of your financials is intensely frightening.

The prospect of the whole world seeing and analyzing your every business move is enough to put even the most seasoned entrepreneurs in the corner crying.

But as we’ve seen with companies like Buffer, that sort of transparency and openness is becoming less and less of an outlier. For many, it’s actually part of the very foundation of their existence!

More and more startups are finding being …

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Buffer in March: $5.9M Annual Revenue, Self-Managed Salaries & More

The change towards self-management at Buffer is our biggest and most fascinating challenge to work through right now.

March found us evolving in quite a few areas including self-reviews, self-managed salaries and more—all while growing our user base and team throughout the month. Here is the latest update:

The latest Buffer metrics in March

2,171,877 total registered users (+4.5%)
207,035 monthly active users (+9.4%)
50,538 average daily active users (+5.4%)
$488,771.05 monthly recurring revenue (+5.7%)
$5.87M annual revenue run-rate (+5.7%)
$2,084,003.37 cash in bank
31 team members across the world

It’s awesome …

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