An Inside Look at the New Buffer for iPhone And iPad

Since the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, I have been working hard on our iOS 8 update. This week, the new Buffer for iPhone and iPad is going live to all our customers!

Not only have we added support for the amazing new features available to us in iOS 8, but we’ve added universal support for iPad for the first time.

I thought I would publish a little inside look at the additions to Buffer for iOS for v4.0—including some things …

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What Happens When Startup Advisors Advise the Whole Team

One of the things that has fascinated me most about ancient Greece and Rome has always been the idea of oracles.

If you’ve seen the movie 300, you might remember the scene in which Leonidas has to consult the oracle, which will decide whether the Spartans will go to battle or not.

You can almost grasp the frustration of the Spartan king. He’s not in control. He has to rely on the priests and only the priests are able to understand the …

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How a 10-Person Team Gives Voice to 1.8 Million Customers: Buffer’s September Happiness Report

Happy October! In September, our entire team traveled to New York, NY, to work and play all together for our semi-annual company retreat. (Retreats occur every 5 months, so that they fall on a different month each time. This alleviates one of the challenges of scheduling everyone to travel. This way, if retreat falls over an important personal date or event like a family member birthday, it will change the next year.)

Similarly to April, this put a big dent on …

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24 People, No Managers: Our New Experiment in Getting Work Done at Buffer

A few months ago, Joel discovered a fascinating book that he shared with all of us on the team. The title of the book was “The Decision Maker” and it proposed a radically different idea to how companies are run.

In short, it put traditional management on its head. Instead of higher-ups making decisions, often far removed from the real problems that team members face, you give the decision making power to those that are closest to the problem.

Implementing this has …

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Fast Customer Development: How We Use Twitter to Build Products People Love

At Buffer, we’ve recently made a big change to how we build products and use the Lean Startup methodologies much more closely.

It followed what I’d call a phenomenon that Hiten Shah, one of our closest advisors mentioned to us in a mentoring session:

At Buffer, we have always taken a lot of pride in thinking that we were following the Lean Startup methodologies very closely. That’s why this line from Hiten hit me like a brick. We weren’t really being lean …

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Yoga (and Mindfulness) is in Everything We Do

The other day I was discussing with my teammate and friend Carolyn how it had been months since the last time I attended a yoga class.

I’ve been thinking about it occasionally and getting annoyed with myself for not practicing—almost feeling stressed.  Like many other things—for example, blogging—I often ind it incredibly hard to get back to things that I “should” be doing. The stress increases and an inside feeling of pressure happens.

Then I realized, yoga is in everything that I do. I took some time to think on and appreciate the benefits that yoga has brought to me. Maybe you can relate to these experiences.

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Zero Notifications: The Phone Hack That Could Change Your Productivity Forever

A while back, my co-founder Leo gave me an interesting suggestion: he said I should try disabling all notifications on my iPhone.

I find this suggestion especially interesting because it is one that goes against the normal phone setup.

It’s so usual to stick to how things are, and with iPhone apps the easiest thing to do is to “allow” all those notifications. It seems almost odd to even consider doing things any other way.

I chose to go along with Leo’s suggestion, although I was admittedly …

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SEO Mysteries, Content Upgrades and More: The Buffer August Content Report

Note: Updated Sept. 18 based on more details from Google’s John Mueller in the comments. Thanks again, John! We’re so grateful for Google’s help and guidance in solving our mystery and fixing our errors so quickly!

The month of August gave the Buffer Crafters an unexpected SEO mystery to solve. When Google announced that https would become a ranking signal, we switched our Buffer Social blog over to https—and subsequently lost about 90% of our organic traffic!

Here’s a look at our organic traffic …

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