Fast Customer Development: How We Use Twitter to Build Products People Love

At Buffer, we’ve recently made a big change to how we build products and use the Lean Startup methodologies much more closely.

It followed what I’d call a phenomenon that Hiten Shah, one of our closest advisors mentioned to us in a mentoring session:

At Buffer, we have always taken a lot of pride in thinking that we were following the Lean Startup methodologies very closely. That’s why this line from Hiten hit me like a brick. We weren’t really being lean …

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Yoga (and Mindfulness) is in Everything We Do

The other day I was discussing with my teammate and friend Carolyn how it had been months since the last time I attended a yoga class.

I’ve been thinking about it occasionally and getting annoyed with myself for not practicing—almost feeling stressed. Then I realized, yoga is in everything that I do.

Like many other things—for example blogging—I find it incredibly hard to get back to things that I “should” be doing. The stress increases and an inside feeling of pressure happens.

I took some time to think on and appreciate the benefits that yoga has brought to me. Maybe you can relate to these experiences.

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Zero Notifications: The Phone Hack That Could Change Your Productivity Forever

A while back, my co-founder Leo gave me an interesting suggestion: he said I should try disabling all notifications on my iPhone.

I find this suggestion especially interesting because it is one that goes against the normal phone setup. It’s so usual to stick to how things are, and with iPhone apps the easiest thing to do is to “allow” all those notifications. It seems almost odd to even consider doing things any other way.

I chose to go along with Leo’s suggestion, although I was admittedly …

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SEO Mysteries, Content Upgrades and More: The Buffer August Content Report

Note: Updated Sept. 18 based on more details from Google’s John Mueller in the comments. Thanks again, John! We’re so grateful for Google’s help and guidance in solving our mystery and fixing our errors so quickly!

The month of August gave the Buffer Crafters an unexpected SEO mystery to solve. When Google announced that https would become a ranking signal, we switched our Buffer Social blog over to https—and subsequently lost about 90% of our organic traffic!

Here’s a look at our organic traffic …

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43 Science-Backed Health Hacks for Busy People

Have you ever discovered a life hack just when you needed to hear it? The timing and the solution perfect, and the next step so obvious that you acted immediately and have stuck with it ever since?

When it comes to health, sweeping life changes are especially difficult to implement and even harder to sustain. But in my experience, it’s the small changes you adopt, maintain, and love that add up to a meaningful long-term difference.

I’ve been collecting a list of …

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6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in Urban Homesteading

In February, my husband and I jumped head-first into urban farming — starting our summer garden from seeds. It then developed into an even larger endeavor when we added 13 chicks into our home. And then four ducks. And then three more chickens…

The past several months have been a blur between brooding chicks, building coops, free-ranging, fixing fencing, gardening and finding eggs.

As I look back upon these summer months, several distinct themes come to mind — and boy, do they …

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Buffer August Update: $338K MRR ($4M ARR!), New Team Structure, Exploring a Small Funding Round

In August I think we really found our stride in a lot of ways, and hitting $4M is a huge milestone.

At the same time, our MRR growth the last two months has been a lot lower than we’d like – 5% or 6% is not ideal for us. I’m confident with our hard work and new teams set up we can pull that up.

(I also want to share some of July’s numbers—I went on vacation right at the start of …

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How To Be Happier, More Influential and Well-Liked: 7 Tricks From Non-Fiction that Make Life Easier

My world at Blinkist revolves around books: self-help books, psychology books, books on business and marketing and persuasion. They’re full of colorful anecdotes and tried-and-true strategies for making just about anything in life easier or better.

While having multiple options for mastering a skill is a nice luxury, too much of a good thing is still just that. At Blinkist, we condense nonfiction books into 15-minute summaries; even so, if you tried to read the entirety of the library, the onslaught of advice …

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