How a 10-Person Team Gives Voice to 1.8 Million Customers: Buffer’s September Happiness Report

Happy October! In September, our entire team traveled to New York, NY, to work and play all together for our semi-annual company retreat. (Retreats occur every 5 months, so that they fall on a different month each time. This alleviates one of the challenges of scheduling everyone to travel. This way, if retreat falls over an important personal date or event like a family member birthday, it will change the next year.)

Similarly to April, this put a big dent on …

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43 Science-Backed Health Hacks for Busy People

Have you ever discovered a life hack just when you needed to hear it? The timing and the solution perfect, and the next step so obvious that you acted immediately and have stuck with it ever since?

When it comes to health, sweeping life changes are especially difficult to implement and even harder to sustain. But in my experience, it’s the small changes you adopt, maintain, and love that add up to a meaningful long-term difference.

I’ve been collecting a list of …

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6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in Urban Homesteading

In February, my husband and I jumped head-first into urban farming — starting our summer garden from seeds. It then developed into an even larger endeavor when we added 13 chicks into our home. And then four ducks. And then three more chickens…

The past several months have been a blur between brooding chicks, building coops, free-ranging, fixing fencing, gardening and finding eggs.

As I look back upon these summer months, several distinct themes come to mind — and boy, do they …

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How We’re Moving from Emails to Conversations: Buffer’s July Happiness Report

July was a month filled with sunshine, life changes, vacations, and yes, Inbox Zeroes, too!

Most of the Heroes took a few days here and there to welcome family, rest and recharge, or travel. Their well-deserved days off did have an impact on the stats, but they scheduled around each other and worked extra hard to hit zero in the inbox every day.

As of this writing, we’ve hit 10 straight weeks of zeroes, at least one per day. I’m super proud …

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Happiness Hacks: The 10 Most Unexpected Ways to Be Happy, Backed By Science

We love happiness at Buffer.

We’ve renamed customer support as customer happiness.

Happiness is baked into our culture and values and the DNA of every person who works on the team.

If there’s a smile to be had or a positive outlook to take, we’ll do our best to find it.

As such, we’re always keen to test out new ways to improve on this value of happiness at work, at play, and at home. We’ve tried science-backed ways to be happier, productive ways to be happier, and lessons from historians, writers, authors, and experts.

Might there even be some unexpected ways to be happy?

I pulled together some research about the many unexpected and counterintuitive ways to find happiness, and I’m happy to share with you what I found. These 10 insights cover a wide range of happy ideas, many of which might seem new and original.

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How We Do Customer Support at Buffer

“Customer support” is something of a magic phrase at Buffer.

Say it to anyone—from Happiness Heroes to Hackers and beyond—and watch eyes light up.

Simply put, it’s one of our very favorite things to talk about and improve upon every day. Customer support is baked into everything we do—Buffer’s vision is to build a super-useful product with amazing support for everyone we come into contact with.

So what does Buffer’s Happiness team do, exactly? And how do we keep customer happiness front and …

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Enjoy All the Moments: How to Find Gratitude in Any Task

When I look back on the times I’ve done the most productive work on my startup, it has always been when I’ve had a great balance of work and rest. It has also been at times when I have genuinely been enjoying the moment.

Steve Jobs suggests that in order to do great work, we should love doing the work:

“Work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do …

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The 100 Happy Days Challenge: A Simple Experiment to Increase Happiness

One night, I got a Facebook message about the 100 Happy Days challenge. So I clicked through and here’s what I read:

“While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in: Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!”

OK, fair point, we don’t take time to appreciate things anymore…

I was about to click away and get on with my life, when I read that next sentence:

“71% of people …

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Is This Urgent? What Happened When We Let Buffer Customers Prioritize Themselves: June Happiness Report

Happiness ReportJune was a fantastic, fascinating month for customer happiness at Buffer as we made great strides toward meeting goals, expanded our awesome team, and pushed forward in a number of new, exciting areas.


June 2014 is the first month that I know of where we hit “inbox zero” at least once per day in both email and twitter. (We use Help Scout and Sparkcentral, respectively.) It feels great to be getting closer to the point where our customers don’t have to wait for us in order to get their work done. By better managing these two communication tools, we can also continue to devote time to Live Chat.

Our email volume is slightly lower than last month, which, naturally, has made this easier. We’ll continue to hire in the next few months so that we’re ready for autumn volume.

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