Introducing Open Equity: Buffer’s Equity Formula and Full Individual Breakdown

Ever since we established the Buffer values that are at the heart of our company culture, we’ve been continuously on the lookout for new ways to live those values every day – particularly our important value of defaulting to transparency. Last year, Buffer shared all of our salaries and the formulas behind them. We regularly share what [...]

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The Mistake We Made in Measuring Our Revenue: Confusing Bookings Revenue with MRR

We recently realized that we have been miscalculating our true monthly and annual recurring revenue. I wanted to write up some of the details around this and also apologize for accidentally misleading as a result of getting it wrong. With our commitment to transparency (and the fact we’re rare in sharing our revenue numbers at [...]

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Buffer’s Rejected Y Combinator Application

When Buffer was in its very early stages, just a couple months after the product launched, we applied to be part of the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. We were rejected. Since then, we’ve been keenly aware that this experience is one that many fellow startups have encountered and one that many more will eventually [...]

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Brian Is Now Our Product Manager

I have some really exciting news to share: Brian has become our Product Manager. He’s been in this role for 2 weeks now and even after 1 week he was doing a better job running Product than I ever managed to do. It’s been incredibly fun to work with him and help him thrive in [...]

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Introducing Open Salaries at Buffer: Our Transparent Formula and All Individual Salaries

When we first established the 9 Buffer values that we wanted to have as the center of our company culture, we knew that sticking to these ideas will be an incredible challenge. Especially since we’ve seen before that these values can easily end up being little more than a set of words written on a piece [...]

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